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The Old Time difference

Our philosophy is pretty simple when it comes to our products; if we wouldn't drink it then why would anyone else?

As simple as that sounds we're pretty selective when it comes to beer. We like many of the European styles and appreciate the variety in the market today but when it comes down to it - how does it taste?

We wanted to create a beer with a unique flavour that we would love to drink and our public taste testing has vindicated what was a brave decision at the time.

We want our brand Old Time to stand for quality, natural products that stand apart in the market place. When you see the Old Time brand you know it's a brand you can trust.

So how would we describe Old Time Premium Lager?

Starting with the rich amber colour, our Lager is a unique blend of malts that has a subtle sweetness, well balanced taste, with a low bitterness giving a very distinct character.

Old Time Premium Lager - try a great tasting beer today!

In short the most common comments we receive are;

"it's pretty damned fine" and "very drinkable".

Try it today we know you'll love it.










The Packaging

Uniquely designed and wonderfully presented we think our latest 6 pack offerings combine to make a high value product. The artwork was hand drawn by a Melbourne artist and the scene is based on a famous Tom Roberts painting.

Old Time Premium Lager - a unique blend of malts that has a well balanced taste - the lager with distinct character.


Old Time Brewing - Quality premium lager that is fully natural with no preservatives. Simply a better beer.
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